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Home Decor must haves for 2008

There are many opinions on what will be hot or not in 2008 with probably many of the top designers arguing into 2009. However I hope some of these broad ideas might get your creative juices flowing and give you some inspiration for you home decor this year.

    • Apparently no home this year can be considered hot without a wall mural, these "must have" accessories can dramatically change the whole feel of a room instantly. Don't just go for the same designs everyone else gets either, most companies producing murals will offer a custom service which will allow you to use artwork, a photo or a landscape which is personal to you.
    • Minimalism seems to be out this year, some of the worlds top designers say that cosy and over-stuffed comfortable furniture is in, so at long last we can now relax in our living rooms. Bright colourful rooms featuring antiques and upholstered furniture will create this look without sacrificing elegance or beauty. There are many second-hand shops and flea markets where you can pick up some really good antique sofas and chairs at relatively low cost. Even if the fabric is a little dated or worn, as long as the frame is of good quality (made of hardwood) then you can get the piece re-upholstered to suit any decor.
    • As we all start to consider the environment and our carbon footprint, it is only natural this should be reflected in our homes. There are many ways in which home products can be re-cycled, re-used and re-furbished, from recovering your sofa in loose covers to using bamboo flooring in your kitchen or bathroom.
    • Colour has a very important role to play in any home decor, it can be the difference between a house that flows from room to room complementing each other or a ghastly and possibly costly mistake which makes you curse each time you walk into a room. Both Asian and Spiced colour palettes will be big in 2008 with big influences coming from the Chinese Olympics. There may also be some unexpected colours and combinations such as browns with burgundy and deep purple with red, blue may also turn out be an unlikely candidate.
    • Lighting can be just as important as colour to a room by changing how the room is viewed. Using accent lighting and multiple light sources to emphasise key decor highlights such as objects or architectural features will be a big trend this year. But remember to keep green and use energy efficient products.
    • People will be looking to indulge their senses this year by adding difference textures into the home such as silks & velvets. Think of the different textures you can give your rugs, curtains, loose covers, sofa throws, scatter cushions and even wallpaper.

No matter what any of the industry expects say this year it is clear that there are many ways for you to make you home individual and personal but the environmental angle does seem to be an overriding factor.


Come see us at ‘The Design Weekend Home and Garden Exhibition' on Sat 03 - Mon 05 May

Published by Emma Day in
We have a number of exhibitions planned this year to let you come and see us and our products for yourself, from our next event 'The Design Weekend Home and Garden Exhibition' to the BBC Summer festival in June.

So in ten days time we will be at the 'The Design Weekend Home and Garden Exhibition' in Tatton Park, Cheshire. You will be able to find us at Stand HG31 from the Sat 03 - Mon 05 May. Gain ideas for everything from flooring to furniture and garden design to gazebos. The event also features Design talks, Free consultations, Seminars and Workshops.

Tatton Park is a great venue and is one of the UK’s most complete historic estates. The Mansion, Gardens, Farm, Old Hall, 1,000 acre deer park and speciality shops offer something for everyone along with over 100 events annually. So you can also make coming to see us a great day out.

Tickets are available from TicketMaster by calling:

0844 847 1554

Adults £12, Concessions £8.50, Accompanied children under 16 free

Click here to see a map of where Tatton Park is...


New Creative Options for Leather Furniture

Leather upholstered furniture has been hugely popular over the last few years, particularly in the more trendy colours of chocolate and black and most commonly in 2 - 3 seater sofa styles. This plain leather look from all major furniture retailers has now been surpassed by a very stylish leather and luxury chenille combination giving real designer looks and sumptuous feel to cold and slippery leather.


Now Plumbs can offer you a complete transformation of your leather furniture into cutting edge looks of today with options of chenille back and seat cushions, arm covers and stunning scatter cushion combinations. A brand new look of opulence at a fraction of the cost of replacing your furniture in a similar styling.

Plumbs have combined with Wilman Interiors to offer the most up to the date featured designs of superb quality at real value for money prices. These creative option form part of the new "Dolce Vita" collection of furnishing fabrics. You can choose from the very latest metallic looks of Rossini, Carmela & Delanna in Black/Silver with Black Deco Chenille or Chocolate/Bronze coupled with Chocolate Deco Chenille. Or choose the cool contemporary looks of our Chocolate/Black Chenille Stripe and Polka Dot combinations. Finally we have the sheer elegance of our Black/Cream mini leaf and stripe options, whichever you choose, we guarantee the end result will be simply stunning.

Our double-sided and interlined "Super" throw using Deco Chenille on one side and anyone of our feature fabrics on the reverse complete with tassel trim is the ultimate in wrap around luxury.

Beautiful coordinating curtains are also available in almost all options to complete a superb new look for you and your home.

These are not just any furnishings, they are absolutely sumptuous and gorgeous furnishings.

To get a look like this, request a visit from your local Plumbs consultant who can show you our full range of fabrics and give advice on your best options.  No hard-sell and no obligation to buy, only a local friendly service!

Request your visit here...

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Interesting Re-upholstery Orders #4

Published by Emma Day in Plumbs, Reupholstery
This simple montage of four photos shows the start to finish process on the reupholstery of a classic Queen Anne style chair.  Probably fifty years old, this kind of chair always has a superb frame construction.

The wings are of beech construction with hand made joints! They don't make 'em like that any more.

With quality new fillings, tightened springs and a fabulous new cover, the end result is a joy. A priceless family heirloom.

Sign up to get discounted tickets to the BBC Summer Festival 2008

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It's that time of year again and it seems the BBC Summer Festival 2008 is going to be bigger and better than ever before. We are exhibiting in the "Good Homes Magazine" area at stand H4, so if you want to come and meet us, just sign-up to our monthly email newsletter to receive a promotional / voucher code that gives you £1.50 off the standard advance ticket rate.

If you sign-up to our newsletter before the 10th May we will be sending out the voucher codes in our May email newsletter, which will be on the 14th May.

Sign-up to our newsletter here...

Please see below for more information on the festival:

BBC SUMMER FESTIVAL | 11-15 June 2008 | The NEC Birmingham
9am-6pm, Show gardens open until 7pm (weather permitting) Wed - Sat.

For a fabulous day out that will leave you inspired, entertained and that little bit wiser why not visit this year’s BBC Summer Festival at The NEC Birmingham. You’ll find lots to do; whether your interests lie in cooking, home design, gardening or just shopping. There’s plenty to hold the kids' attention too - so why not make it an excursion for the whole family!

The BBC Summer Festival encompasses:

BBC Gardeners’ World Live
Features demonstrations by TV’s top gardening experts, innovative show gardens created by some of the world’s top designers, an extensive variety of plants and flowers in the stunning RHS Floral Marquee sponsored by Renault, plus hundreds of exhibitors.

BBC Good Food Show Summer
Where you'll find everything you need for a gourmet summer with appearances from the crème de la crème of TV celebrity chefs, alfresco eating in the Dining Experience and an abundance of quality food and wine sampling.

Countryfile Magazine area
Focusing on the Great British countryside and sustainable living. You’ll discover imaginative ways to cut your carbon footprint by visiting our Sustainable Future eco feature, and can also enjoy talks by celebrities including John Craven and Ben Fogle, as well as industry experts, in the Green Clinic, hosted by environmental author, broadcaster and consultant Joanna Yarrow.

Good Homes Magazine area
Will leave you armed with plenty of brain stimulation and exclusive show offers to add your own definitive signature and style to your home.

Beers of the World Live
Which will be running alongside the BBC Summer Festival (Fri – Sun ticket holders only).

Property Pavilion will be located in Hall 9 for the duration of the Summer Festival, featuring both overseas and UK property.

It’s excellent value for money too, as visitors can visit all the shows incorporated in the BBC Summer Festival on one ticket. We look forward to seeing you there!


Lovers of Loose Covers

Published by Emma Day in
It's not often we get to hear about people so interested and enthusiastic about loose covers, so when we find someone passionately blogging about them it really brightens up everyone's day here at Plumbs.

So we thought we'd have to share it with you, please click on the link below to read the blog post:

Secrets About Slipcovers

There are also some lovely room ideas you may find interesting.


Create a new kitchen without all the expense

Published by Emma Day in
New kitchens can cost an arm and a leg, and them some, which is great if you have a spare £10,000+ to spend. Most of us don't especially with the current economic climate, so you'll be surprised how a little bit of money and some elbow grease can go a long way. Here are a few tips on how you can give your kitchen a new lease of life without spending too much:

1. Paint - This must be the easiest and cheapest way to change the look of any room in your home and your kitchen is no exception. If you are fairly inexperienced at DIY like myself I would stick to just painting the walls, if like my kitchen you have limited wall space then changing the colour of the ceiling from that very popular white can make a dramatic difference.

However if you are more of a handy person around the house or have a little bit of money to pay a professional, you could go that extra step and have your cabinet fonts refinished in a different colour. Cabinets in colours can be very exciting in the kitchen: in postal blue, light pastels, whisper grey and sunny yellow can all create surprising results. Decorating magazines often show cabinets in spruce green, Navy blue and weathered or faux finishes.

One of the latest trends is to combine painting and staining in different areas of the same kitchen cabinets, or stain in two different colours. You are only limited by your imagination! If you are not sure which colour to select, your paint professional may offer colour consultations, or you may want to get advice from an interior designer.

2. Cabinet Refacing - To go another step from refinishing your cabinets, you could have them refaced. This will obviously cost more but is still less than a new kitchen.

3. Door knobs and Handles - Even if you aren't changing the look of your cabinets you can still make a little difference by updating the styles of handles to a more contemporary look.

4. Worktops - This is another item that can make a huge difference but if you aren't that handy at DIY can cost a lot to get a professional. Also the type of material will also make a huge difference to the cost, from natural stones like granite to tile and concrete.

5. Curtains - Apart from open-plan living room and kitchens it is very rare to find a kitchen without a window, kitchen curtains can be very affordable and easy to fit, even for us DIY novices. Curtains can be a good place to start when deciding on colour schemes from the walls to cabinets and accessories.

6. Accessories - There a wide variety of kitchen accessories you can use to make a nice kitchen into a great kitchen with pictures, plants, contrasting towels, rugs even a bowl of fruit. If you have glass panelled display cupboards, place decorative coloured objects to present a desired effect.

7. Dining Accessories - If you have a dining table in you kitchen or an open-plan dining room / kitchen, make use of accessories available such as table cloths and place mats. Dining chair covers are relatively in-expensive compared to buying new and can transform this area in a matter of minutes.

9. Flooring - One area that people tend to miss the most is floor and can be very easy to change depending on what you already have in place. You don't have stick with the lino anymore, there are many other choices from Glass, Ceramic Rubber & Cork Tiles to Palmwood & Bamboo.

You don't even need to follow all these ideas, just a few can achive that effect you are after.


Interesting Re-upholstery Orders #3

Published by Emma Day in Plumbs, Reupholstery
Show wood as seen here on the arms and scroll area is one of the real advantages of reupholstery. Choosing loose covers means a revamp and a new look but show wood is covered up. It is after all a loose cover.

With reupholstery however it's a different story. The pictures below show how this sofa was quite literally taken to pieces and rebuilt by the Plumbs reupholstery team.

An added complexity was that each side of the sofa has an independent recliner action. A very complex job but also a very satisfying outcome.

Spring Cleaning can help prevent allergies in your home

Published by Emma Day in Curtains, loose covers
Most allergy sufferers dread spring as it is the time of year when allergies begin their torment, however many don't realise that allergies in srping can be triggered by the poor quality of the air in their homes instead of the usual demon, pollen. It is very difficult to get away from pollen but it is very easy to clean out the bad air from your home.

There are a number of kits you can use to test your home for all types of allergy triggers, such as; molds, dust mites and pet dander etc. You may find that a specific type of trigger in your home is the reason for one of many allergies.

Below are some tips on how you help remove some of these triggers that can cause these allergies:

1. Use air purifiers in rooms where most of your time is spent. It is best to use a HEPA (high efficiency particulate arrest) system as they can remove up to 99.97% of microscopic air pollutants, there are many to chose from ranging from £25 to over £100, you can find some by searching "HEPA air purifiers" on Google.

2. Vacuum all carpets, flooring, furniture, curtains and anywhere dust can collect at least once a week. This will remove many pollen spores, dust and other allergens, again a HEPA vacuuum cleaner is best but any vacumm is better than none.

3. Using washable loose covers for you sofa, chairs and cushions is a great way to get rid of dust mite eggs that would otherwise build up in the fixed upholstery.

4. Shower and wash your hair every night before you go to bed. People often bring pollen and other seasonal allergens into their homes on their clothes and their hair. Use shower filters that remove chlorine and other chemicals too.

5. Keep pets off of your bed and out of your bedroom. Sorry, this is a small price to pay for allergy relief. Your bedroom should be a sanctuary from allergens. So tempt your pets to sleep elsewhere.

6. Wash all bedding in 140-degree hot water at least twice weekly to eliminate dust mites, pet allergens and pollen. Use dust mite covers for your mattresses, pillows and comforters to further protect yourself and your family from dust mites.

For more information of Asthma & Allegies please visit the below sites:


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