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Environmental impact in third world countries of buying a new patio set

Published by Emma Day in
Even buying a new set of patio furniture can now give you an attack of conscience. Most woods used for this type of furniture are teak and bamboo, which if comes from a third world country does not just need to be shipped but can also contribute to environmental devastation by the effects of deforestation.

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We feel that there are many reasons why re-using any type of furniture is best and we should all move away from our ever-growing throw away culture.

"Keep and restore, don't throw and destroy"


Another reason "NOT" to buy cheap sofas!

The latest horror stories surrounding cheap leather furniture are a wake up call. Cheap furniture bought on credit deals that seem too good to be true, is cheap for a reason.

It has been reported* today that at least 1,000 people have been burned or suffered severe skin complaints by lying on toxic sofas. The toxic substances are sprayed on leather sofas to stop them going mouldy while in storage, they were made by the Linkwise Furniture factory in southern China and sold by High Street stores such as Argos and Land of Leather.

Both chains stopped selling the toxic sofas in October when these reactions emerged but law-firms are still being flooded with enquires. It has also been claimed that many more people could be experiencing these skin conditions because of the toxins but not know the cause.

Not only has it been reported that many different types of products made in China are of poorer quality, but a series of health issues have now been raised.

Apart from the cheap manufacture of some new suites there is also a profound environmental story that is not being told.

Everyone has heard of food miles but perhaps we should be talking about sofa miles. Cheap furniture travelling across the globe is heavy, bulky and energy expensive. This is compounded by the fact that many people buying cheap new suites are chucking their own furniture onto landfill.

There is a real alternative to be had through reupholstery or loose covers. No matter how tired it looks it is almost certainly better quality than the brand new cheap imports.

Daily Mail


Home Furnishings are the 6th biggest cut back

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The ever increasing chatter about the "credit crunch" and looming recession (if we are not already in one) doesn't see to be dissipating and everyone is beginning to tighten their belts.

Due to the rising cost of living, a recent poll has revealed for the first time the public are changing their spending habits to accommodate this economic slowdown. The top 5 biggest cut-back are; Main Holiday, DIY, Savings, Clothing & Motoring.

Home furnishing comes in at number 6 with New sofas, chairs, tables, beds, curtains and blinds being put on hold, about nine per cent of people have scrapped plans to buy one of these items.

A full article on this can be see here on the Independents website, please click here!

The problem is many of us want to keep updating our homes when items get too old or scruffy or when spillages and pets ruin our soft furnishings. Plus keeping up with seasonal fashions is still high on peoples lists as it makes us feel more comfortable and happy in our surroundings.

Well there are alternatives, you don't have to replace your suites, dining sets or beds you can give them a new lease of life by updating them with loose covers. You can give your sofa a brand new look with made-to-measure covers, or you dining set with dining chair covers and a new table cloth. Even your bedroom can spring into life with a set of bed covers. If you put these together with a relatively cheap tin of paint and a few accessories you can keep up with the fashions all year long.

Even though we're heading into a recession, it's all about spending what money we have wisely from looking round for a better deal on your holiday or going somewhere closer to home. Reusing what we already have is not only cheaper but if you think about also more friendly to the environment.

What can be better than saving money with clear conscious!


Take a fresh look at your living room for Summer

Turn the sofa round today. You know the one that hasn’t moved in years. And move the chairs to face the garden.

Now Summer has arrived why not shake things up a bit and give your living room a lift. Fresh flowers in the window, and a couple of new cushion covers will make all the difference. What about paintings, photos and ornaments. Why not ask a friend round and have some fun moving things round. Try moving photos into groups rather than covering every surface. This helps make the room look less cluttered and more organised. A couple of scatters can be had for just a few pounds – try the clearance range at plumbscurtainshop website. Or you could get free accessories such as cushion covers when your order new suite covers. Plumbs are running this offer during June. Summer is such a great time for getting out and about with light nights and warm weather. Plus there are so many fabulous events to visit. Local shows, village fetes, friends and family. But it’s lovely too to create a fresh Summer look at home for when you need a rest.

Let the sunshine in and banish the boring same old look. Move that sofa to face the window, and have a great Summer.


Give your Dining Room a brand new look with Loose Covers

Published by Emma Day in
Generally the whole look and feel of your dining room is dictated by the dining room furniture, as this usually quite costly and only replaced very few years but fashion changes every season. If you are thinking of buying new, you also have the added headache of moving everything around, possibly building the furniture from flat-pack and even getting rid of the old set.

Well there is a cheap alternative - Loose Dining Chair Covers! You don't have to go to any trouble in looking, buying or removing any furniture. You can simply re-cover.

Loose Dining Chair Covers can give you dining room a brand new lease of life and give you to ability change the whole decor of the room far cheaper than if you bought new furniture. Also because of how easy it is to change these covers, you can change them for each season or to following the new fashions.

Plumbs have over 350 different fabrics available and 4 different make-up - click here to see the different make-ups.

All our dining chair covers are made to measure to ensure an exact fit to your dining chairs. Plumbs offer a free quotation, free measuring and free fitting service by a fully trained Home Consultant. The Home Consultants will bring along over 350 samples and swatches so that you can match them to your carpets, upholstery and wall colours.

Why not change you Dining Room decor today and request a visit from a Plumbs Home Consultant:

Click here to request a visit


Two FREE hotel events from Sat 17th - Mon 19th

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We have two hotel events planned for this weekend. The Hotel events are designed to be an enjoyable trip out to look at the latest in soft furnishings and interiors. We will even treat you to refreshments and a special bag of free goodies to take home!

Come and see for yourself Plumbs extensive range of soft furnishing fabrics including our new range of Made-to-Measure Furniture Covers, Reupholstery and Curtain designs as well as some of our most popular best sellers!

Sat 17 - Sun 18 May 10am-3pm Hilton Hotel, Paddington, London - map
146, Praed Street, London W2 1EE Tel: 020 7850 0500

Mon 19 May 10am-3pm Hilton Hotel, Warwick - map
A429 Stratford Road, Junction 15 on M40,Warwick CV34 6RE Tel: 01926 499555

What's included:

  • FREE entry and refreshments

  • The chance to find out more about the latest Furniture Covers, Reupholstery and Curtains ranges from Plumbs

  • A friendly relaxed chat with a Plumbs design Consultant

  • Take away free fabric samples

  • Take away free goody bag!

We hope we see you there...


Great Day at Tatton Park Design Weekend

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We'd like to say a big thank you everyone who came to see us at ‘The Design Weekend Home and Garden Exhibition’ in Tatton Park over the Bank Holiday weekend.  It was a great day out for us and hopefully for you too.  For all those who missed us or couldn't make it, there is another chance to see us at the BBC Summer Festival in July.

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Have a look at some photos of the event at Tatton Park -


Launch of our new Curtain Shop website

Published by Emma Day in
We are delighted to announce the launch of a completely new ecommerce site Plumbs Curtain Shop that will enable you to buy Made to Measure & Ready-Made Curtains at competitive prices while keeping with Plumbs' tradition of using quality UK manufactured fabrics.

We have traditionally catered for the Made to Measure Curtain market but with the launch of the new site have begun offering Ready-made curtains at great prices. We now offer curtain fabric priced per metre for budding upholstery enthusiasts to produce your own unique curtains or to use on many other soft furnishing projects. Sensationally, prices start at just £1 a metre for fabric offering hundreds of fabric options.

Ready made curtains are always popular because they offer great value, with prices starting from just £35 a pair. From Deep red velvet to Cool cotton naturals or just something cheap to deflect the sun's rays, plumbscurtainshop can answer all needs.

All our products are guaranteed for 12 months from the date of purchase. As with all our products the guarantee covers any fault occurring as a result of fair wear and tear or quality of materials and / or workmanship. If any product purchased under the terms of our guarantee fails to give you complete satisfaction we will offer you a full replacement. Even better is that plumbscurtainshop offer a no risk 30 day money back promise on everything.

Sarah Plumb, from the Plumb family said, “After 45 years we have become known for being a U.K. manufacturer with a reliable record for quality and good service. Cheap imports from across the globe mean low prices are available to anyone. However here at Plumbs we not only offer low prices but we can also offer quality as we make everything ourselves here at our factory in Lancashire. Plus you have the added advantage of a full money back guarantee”

The last couple of years has seen a great increase in curtain popularity not only for decorative and security reasons but increasingly as an energy saving measure. Curtains can really make a difference to insulating the home and preventing heat loss. Curtains work well in the Summer time too by helping to deflect the sun’s rays and keep the home cool.

So if you are looking for great value curtains and fabrics, take a look at today.


Inspiational Ideas for Spring

Published by Emma Day in
I've written a couple of blog posts about the new home decor trends for Spring and 2008, which can be found here:

Give your home a brand new look for spring
Home Decor must haves for 2008

To add to these, I recently found a great post here that gives some really inspirational ideas you can use in your own home, my favourite is:

Cottage Charm
Just like a relaxing day at a quaint bed and breakfast, decor can delight the senses with contentment and nostalgia. Interior designers and crafters alike are using intricate flower patterns to create unique household decorations. A soft blanket and pillow to adorn a favourite chair and black and white photos project the joys of yesteryear. Hand-painted buckets and antique watering cans bring the entire look together with a delightful country feel.

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