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Transform your living room this Spring

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Transform your living room this Spring with loose covers from Plumbs. With hundreds of fabrics to choose from including cottons, linens, chenilles, easy care stretch fabrics plus luxury velvets, loose covers are ideal if you're looking for a slightly more informal way to update your furniture.

Offering an alternative solution to replacing a tired sofa or chair, Plumbs loose covers are hand crafted from start to finish and made to measure, which means that they look, fit and feel as good, if not better, than the original upholstery. Plumbs even offer co-ordinating curtains!

From on-trend botanical prints and opulent purples and deep reds to countryside-inspired florals and natural fabrics, Plumbs diverse loose cover collections offer something for everyone.

If your furniture is over ten years old then re-upholstery could be the perfect way to bring a well-loved sofa or chair back to life. Re-upholstery allows you to keep all the original features of your existing furniture, including the shape, comfort and style, but in a brand new fabric.

Plumbs upholstering services range from standard recovering to complete reupholstery including any wooden features, studded work and button backs.


Ever wondered how upholstered furniture came about?

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We've put together an article explaining a brief history of upholstery. For example, did you know that the term "upholder" is the archaic name for an upholsterer?

Read the article here...

You can also learn about the The Worshipful Company of Upholders, one of the very first Livery Companies of the City of London.

Visit their website here...

How should you be decorating your home in 2010?

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What's in and what's not? Find out if you current decor is out of date or if you've pre-emptied what the interior design fashion police are saying your home should like be this year.

Excerpt: According to Pantone, “Turquoise evokes thoughts of soothing, tropical waters and a languorous, effective escape from the everyday troubles of the world” – the perfect anecdote to a turbulent 2009!

Read the full article here...


Re-upholstery or Re-covering Furniture IS Recycling

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Latest government figures say we in the UK send more than half our waste to landfill. That is a huge 62 million tonnes a year in England alone. Now the aim is to reduce landfill by at least 50% over the next 10 years.....

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This year is Plumbs 50th birthday

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From 1960 -2010 Plumbs have revitalised the looks of over 3 million pieces of furniture in the United Kingdom through loose covers and reupholstery and provided thousands of British jobs.

So how did it happen....

Plumbs in the 1960s

Founded by Tom and Bernice Plumb, the company originated in Blackburn in the 1950s, where it began life as a market stall selling decorative cushions and ‘settee sets’. Plumbs stretch covers could be placed over sofas and chairs offering an instant make-over.

In the 1960s, their son, Geoff, launched a mail order business specialising in fitted furniture covers. The 60s was the era of a large ‘I’m Backing Britain’ campaign which encouraged the public to buy from UK businesses. Thus manufacturers such as Plumbs became increasingly popular.

Plumbs in the 1970s

Plumbs opened its first high street shop in Bolton in 1972. It was at this point that they introduced continental bedding to both the high street and the country via mail order. Another innovation included furniture with removable covers. The store emphasised the quality of its products, but still offered value for money, leading to the opening of a further 91 shops nationwide.

Plumbs in the 1980s

Plumbs launched a free Home Consultancy division which saw consultants visiting customers’ homes. The Consultants provided a made-to-measure service, helping customers achieve covers for the the more complex furniture styles popular at the time. By measuring furniture, Plumbs were able to use fabrics with less stretch. Customers could also purchase a range of matching accessories to complement their furniture. Plumbs began to supply curtains, pelmets and tie-backs for a co-ordinated look.

Plumbs in the 1990s

During the 90s, Plumbs created a bold new style using two designs together. These were then photographed in co-ordinated room sets, serving as inspiration for customers. Later in the 1990s a trend for simple and neutral furniture fabrics emerged. Plumbs responded to this trend with a collection of natural cotton and linen covers.

Plumbs in the Noughties

Plumbs began offering a Reupholstery Service in 2003 and is now considered the biggest and most trusted reupholsterer in the UK. Plumbs is now able to collaborate with famous brand names including Sanderson and Swaffer, producing non-stretch fabrics for tailored loose covers.

Plumbs in the Teenies

Technological investments have also been made, including an in-house photography studio and state of the art Lectra manufacturing systems.

Today, Plumbs produce over 1,000 furniture cover, reupholstery and curtain orders each week. 50 years of employment, British manufacturing and good old fashioned service. To celebrate it’s golden anniversary, Plumbs has created an exclusive collection honouring it’s 50 year heritage. They also want to encourage the U.K. population to promote the refurbishment and re-use of household furniture,

So where will the next few years take Plumbs. I suspect an increasing amount of reupholstery will be a characteristic. This is such a product of the day. Real craftsmanship in a throw away world is hard to find, and Reupholstery encourages re-use or recycling.

The Plumb family would just like to say thank-you for 50 years of custom, thank-you to all those employees who have contributed and we hope to continue for a long time to come.


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