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Sneak Peek - Plumbs on Location

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Today we thought we'd treat you to a sneak peek at our latest photography.  We've been on location this week at the beautiful Tabley Hall in Knutsford capturing some stunning shots of our latest reupholstery pieces in the ornate surroundings of the museum.

Check back soon for a full documentation of the 2 day shoot!


Let there be Light!

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With the sun shining through the office window this morning - blinding staff, flushing out our computer screens and forcing the office fans to work overtime - I have reluctantly had to shut the blinds!  It seems a real shame to block out such fantastic natural light!  At home I, like many of us, love to take full advantage of the sun and welcome it with open arms. Here are a few of my favourite examples of sun soaked rooms.  Indulge with me...


Cottage to be Transformed into Sofa!

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At Plumbs we pride ourselves on our ability to cover almost anything, but this latest venture brings a whole new meaning to our motto! Installation artist Alice Francis is endeavouring to cover a complete Galloway Cottage (yes the EXTERIOR of the building!) with made-to-measure loose covers from Plumbs! The project comes as part of Scotland's annual open studio arts and crafts event, the Spring Fling.

The aim of the temporary piece is, as Alice explains, to flout conventional expectations:

No stranger to the absurd and irregular, Alice’s artistic repertoire includes thought provoking pieces such as polishing white lines in the road in the Dumfries and Galloway countryside. Another memorable performance saw Alice in a pink rabbit costume, vacuuming local woodlands.

Alice chose Plumbs to help her with her latest piece, choosing one of our archetypal floral 'Rose and Scroll' fabrics, more commonly found inside a traditional home. We've had great fun having Alice in our Preston factory and assisting with the cutting and sewing of the covers.

We cannot wait to see the final result, which will be erected next week on 31st May. It will remain, closely fitted around the building throughout the bank holiday weekend 2nd – 5th June. The cottage and it’s new made-to-measure cover will be highly visible on the B736, three miles south of Castle Douglas. Well worth a visit! We will indeed post the result as soon as we get our hands on some pictures!

Trend Alert - Living Walls!

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We've been talking a lot lately about bringing the outdoors in, but this latest interior design trend takes that idea to a whole new level.  Green walls, or Living Walls as they are popularly known, are fast becoming the statement feature to have in the home.  Why hang a picture of the rainforest when you can have something close to the real thing on your walls?!

The trend of growing foliage up and across interior walls has been made famous by British artists: Ackroyd and Harvey, when they covered a former church with grass interiors.  The concept may seem unrealistic and pose obvious functional difficulties in the home.  However, not all designs have to be quite so elaborate as Ackroyd and Harvey's.

Green walls could make a stunning focal point and certainly a talking point in a contemporary home...

Opt for a smaller version and display a series of foliage like picture boxes for a novel decorative touch...

Or you can even merge design with functionality in the kitchen, with a living wall of fresh herbs.

Would you like a living wall in your home?


Fresh, Modern Floral Fabrics from Swaffer

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Continuing with our series focussing on great British fabric design, the spotlight for today lands on Peterborough based design house, Swaffer.

Establised in 1973, Swaffer have since been providing high quality decorative fabrics to over 40 countries worldwide!  Reknowned for their mix of modern and classic styles, Swaffer produce some of today’s most stunning jacards and innovative floral designs.

Below are a sample of our favourite Swaffer designs, available from Plumbs…

Bold and beautiful florals are fast making a come back in interior design, and this modern take on the English Poppyfield from Swaffer is up there with the best!  Particularly striking for blinds and curtains.

A fresh palette is used for this stunning ‘Vista’ fabric.  Favouring foliage over florals, this contemporary fabric is highly popular for the modern home.

This striking design certainly has the wow factor! Ideal for adding personality to your home as a statement chair.

This stunning designs that emerge from Swaffer each year aren’t just pretty to look at!  The company stress the other important qualities they strive to achieve with their fabrics: “Product quality and durability are as important to us as design and colour.”

Stay in touch for more featured fabric designers.  What’s your favourite Swaffer design?


WIN 2 Tickets to the RHS Flower Show at Hampton Court!

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The flower show season is just around the corner and we're giving away 2 tickets to the RHS Flower Show at Hampton Court to one lucky winner.  Head over to our facebook page for your chance to play and win!  While you're there why not have a look at some inspiring design images and tips, or drop us a quick message - we'd love to hear from you!

Don't forget, Plumbs will be exhibiting at many shows across the UK - click here to see when we will be visiting a venue near you.  Enjoy a great day out and pop over to say hello!


Prepare your Home for Summer!

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It may not seem like it, but summer is just round the corner and May is the perfect time of year for preparing your home for the months ahead! As the days grow warmer (fingers crossed that will start soon!) and the sun shines for longer, think bright, clean and fresh and you'll soon be on your way to discovering an island paradise in your very own home!

Amongst the mundane rituals of painting fences, sweeping out cobwebs and scrubbing down patio furniture, get your home ready for summer by breathing a whole new lease of life into your main entertaining rooms.

Whether you want to bring the outdoors into your living room, or spruce up your conservatory for its grand reopening after the cooler months, consider how small changes can really boost the appeal of your home.

Living Room

Bring the sunshine into your living room with a bold yellow colour scheme. Choose accents of red for maximum impact, but remember to offset with simple furniture.  We’ve mixed our classic Elegant Rose design with the fun, bold pattern of our Jacobean Opulence cushions.


Having stood abandoned and unused through the winter months, your conservatory deserves a little TLC this season.  Updating your conservatory furniture is the best way to give the room a dramatic uplift! Opt for a fresh new look with cool, plain covers or be inspired by the garden with a classic floral like Vicentio.

Dining Room

For those not so warm summer nights, bring the al fresco feel into your living room with a fresh, new look.  Use natural tones of brown and green to bring the outdoors in!  We love this Strata - Sauterne curtain which looks beautifully fresh againt the plain, Francesca blind.

How do you like to prepare your home for summer?  We’d love to hear your tips!


Design Explained: Art Nouveau Vs Art Deco

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I don’t know about you, but I get tongue tied even talking about Art Deco and Art Nouveau.  Both were popular early 20th Century movements which became popular interior design trends that have slowly made a come back over recent years.  But what’s the difference?  Can you tell your Klimt from your Erte?

The number one rule to remember is Art Nouveau is fancy and decorative, Art Deco is sleek and clean….

Art Nouveau

A popular movement ranging from 1880 to before World War I, Art Nouveau was the aesthetic answer to Europe’s new industrial age.  Adopting geometric shapes such as arcs and semi-circles, design is elaborately stylised.

Inspiration was taken from insects and mythical woodland, with Tiffany Lamp Fairies epitomising the trend.

Bring Art Nouveau style into your 21st century home with intricate, curved lines and natural woodland features like ivy and twigs.  Take inspiration from the Tiffany colour palette, or add finishing touches with beautifully crafted mythical figurines.

Art Deco

In its prime throughout the 1920’s and 30’s, Art Deco challenged the intricacy of Art Nouveau design, opting for sleeker, streamlined shapes and geometric patterns.  The movement saw more zigzags and sunbursts shapes as a result.  Paying attention to more modern materials like chrome, stainless steel and inlaid wood, the movement used natural materials more sparingly, with Zebra skins and fern leaves as popular choices.

Elements of Art Deco can look wonderful in today’s interiors with the use of sleek lines, and a monochrome palette.  Popular designers from the age such as Erte and Mackintosh can still be called upon for inspiration.


Bring Sunshine into your Home... Even if it's Raining Outside!

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Following a disappointingly overcast bank holiday weekend, I'm feeling inspired to bring my own bit of sunshine into the home!  Who says we have to wait until summer to enjoy the cheerful hues of yellow?!   In recent years we have seen yellow increase in popularity, being mixed with various and imaginative palettes to add fun and vibrancy to our homes.

Yellow and Grey is fast becoming a popular choice in family homes.  Neither too feminie or too masculine, the colour scheme appeals to all members of the household.  Choose bold yellow walls and small acceessories to bring the look together.  We've teamed the beautiful Country Deco and Country Stripe in Gunmetal here for added texture and co-ordination.

Pale Yellow and similar subtle shades work well with neutral palettes to create a peaceful, calm scheme.  Be sure to add interest with floral or patterned fabrics to break up solid blocks of colour.  We've chosen Catherine's Garden Curtains with Catherine's Stripe Blind in Soft Gold.

Yellow & Purple create a stunning contrast that oozes luxury.  Think Quality Streets and opt for strong, jewel like shades for maximum impact.  Ensure your bold scheme stands out at its best with a neutral, plain backdrop.  For inspiration have a look at how we've deocarted with new fabric Royal Romance - Soft Gold.

So how about it?  Would you use yellow as a key colour in your living room?


Top 5 Conservatory Designs

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Though the rain has taken over the majority of the country this week, here at Plumbs we like to be optimistic that the sunny days are just around the corner. So that means airing our conservatories and getting them ship shape for the coming season. Check out our top 5 conservatory designs for a spot of afternoon inspiration...

Filling your conservatory with foliage and opting for a cool green and white palette will add instant freshness. Draw the eye with dark grey or black rattan furniture to complete the monochrome base of the room.

Move out the clutter and bring in fun, retro furniture for a modern take on your conservatory. Keep it warm with a red and brown colour scheme.

Want that island resort feel?  Opt for bright, cheery colours and exotic plants for a tropical touch. Bright pinks and greens are great for adding life and soul to your conservatory!

If you love al fresco dining but our ‘Great British Summer’ rears it’s rainy head, compromise with a conservatory dining room. A lovely garden view while staying warm and dry.

Experiment with fresh, bold colour schemes to add vibrancy and life into your conservatory. You can freshen up old conservatory cushion covers with a fabric like Paradise, available from Plumbs.


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