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Re-upholstery in London

Published by Emma Day in
We've been working hard this year to raise awareness of our local in-home consultancy service, bringing you information about Consultants in your local area.  And today, the road has stopped in London!  I don't know about you, but shopping can be stressful at the best of times and when you add a capital city into the mix, scouting around for a new sofa can become unbearable!

Lucky for the residents of London (and the rest of the UK) Plumbs have Consultants who are local to you and will visit you in your own home.  You can browse fabric samples and discuss your options for re-upholstery without any obligation and completely stress free!

Click on the links below to find out more about re-upholstery services in your local area:

Re-upholstery in North London

- including Barnet & Enfield.

Re-upholstery in Central London

-including Waterloo & Kensington

Re-upholstery in West London

-including Wembely & Harrow

Re-upholstery in South West London

- including Richmond & Croydon

Re-upholstery in South East London

- including Greenwich & Dartford

Re-upholstery in North East London

- including Ilford & Redbridge

Remember - Plumbs have Consulatants all over the UK - more spotlighted areas coming soon...

Fabrics for a Great British Summer!

Published by Emma Day in
We can never rely on the British weather, especially not through the summer! With the fun-filled season officially here, it can be quite a dampner to look out onto dull and dreary skies, as many of us will be doing today!  So, since we're forced to stay indoors until the sun decides to pay us a visit, we'll have to bring the fun of summer to us at home!

Plumbs have a great range of fabrics ideal for adding vibrancy and life into your home this summer.  So, forget about the weather, where would you like to go today?

The beach hut look is very popular this year, and it's not hard to see why.  Cool greens and blues offset with sandy neutral tones can create a calming, tranquil environment.

Inject some fun into your Great British summer with a vibrant pop of colour!  This bright pink harvests all the fun of the fair.  Contrast with a plain neutral fabric for maximum impact!

Red, yellow and terracotta are the perfect colours for wamring you up during our cooler British summer.  Why travel thousands of miles when you can have a sunny paradise in your living room?!

For a gentler, more traditional English feel, opt for a delicate floral design.  A pink and green colour scheme works well here for a fresh, femenine feel!


The Woman Who Covered a House

Published by Emma Day in
Last month we told you about a special event whereby installation artist Alice Francis would be attemping to cover an entire Galloway Cottage as part of the country's premier open studios arts and crafts event - the Spring Fling.  The extraordinary feat proved to be a huge success, with the specially made loose covers fitting snugly around the contours of the building, including its three large chimneys.

Alice even went to the lengths of covering herself in the same floral fabric as her cottage covers.  She wore a suit made from the Plumbs' Rose & Scroll fabric, standing out from the crowd and merging into her latest arts piece.

Helping to cover an entire building was a great challenge for us and to have achieved it with such success proves our motto to be true, that Plumbs really can cover almost anything!  It has been a true delight to work with Alice on this project and we wish her every success in her future ventures.

If you fancied seeing how strong your own furniture pricing skills are, then why not have a go at our higher or lower quiz? Let's see if you can spot the furniture bargains!


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Top 5 Utility Room Designs

Published by Emma Day in
I don't know about you but the sunshine always has me anticipating fresh, washing line dried laundry!  There's nothing better than climbing into a crisp, freshly made bed after a long summer's day and taking in the fresh smells of the outside!  For me it's the one time of year when laundry doesn't seem so much of a chore, with the end results being worth the ritual of seperating, washing, hanging, ironing and folding.  But maybe there's a way to enjoy the usually mundane task all year round, by revamping your utility space!

The utility room deserves considerate design and decor like any other room in the house, and today we look at our top 5 favourite looks...

A popular design trend at the moment is reworking the 50's style with enamel storage and traditionl, retro styled bottles.  The Belfast sink is a key feature for this nostalgic trend, along with a warm yet muted colourscheme of grey and cream.  Pinks and Greens and various shades of red and brown also work well with this look.

Creating a similar feeling of nostalgia, the shabby chic look is also a popular choice of utility rooms.  Steel storage containers and simple decorative flower arrangements are a common feature for this look.  A sage and white colourscheme helps to keep the space looking fresh.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, a more modern feel can be created with wire baskets and industrial style metal shelving.  A femenine feel can still be maintained with carefully chosen wall colours and accessories, like purple and pink.

Adopt a bold and colourful palette for a fun and cheerful utility space.  Ironing could never be dull in a room like this!  Be brave with your colour choices and choose contrasting hues for maximum impact.  Include exciting fabric designs to complement the quirky look.

A simple white colour scheme should not be underestimated however!  Not only will it create an illusion of space in smaller utility rooms, the colour is fresh and clean - just how you want your laundry!  You can make it less clinical with the addition of natural woods, creating a more homely feel.  Adding an accented colour would also work well here if used sparingly.

What's your utility room style?


What does your home say about you?

Published by Emma Day in

We couldn't agree more with this quote by famous designer Rafael de Cárdenas! We all find unique ways to express ourselves, whether consciously or not. We may buy clothes that reflect our tastes or maybe buy a new car that shares our own personalities. A key area that is most telling about who we are is how we choose to decorate our homes, and the items we surround ourselves with. So have a look around you and ask yourself, what does my home say about me?

Joanne wanted a colour scheme that reflected her bustling family life. She opted for an increasingly popular grey and yellow scheme, something to suit her and the boys! The vibrancy of the yellow really reflects the family's bubbly, active lifestyle. She chose to co-ordinate her suite fabrics, adding extra texture and style to her home - much like the many personalities that live under her roof!

Barbara loves her garden and wanted to bring elements of it into her home.  She chose a pretty, feminine colour scheme of pink and green and introduced floral design to complement her favourtie past-time.

We'd love to know - what does your home say about you?!


A 'Blend' of Classic and Contemporary

Published by Emma Day in

The latest British Fabric designer to go under the microscope in our Fabric Supplier series  is Blendworth.  With 90 years of history in the furnishing fabrics industry, it is in recent years that the company have put themselves back on the map with beautiful designs in a stunning colour palette.

Marrying classic designs with a contemporary edge, Blendworth's range of florals, damasks and stripes have become more commercial, appealing to wider audiences.  But the long established company are not just concerned with the creativity of their designs, they also promote an excellent ethos, as their website explains:

"Where possible – and appropriate – Blendworth uses natural fabrics and actively explores the use of sustainable, fairly traded and organic products in order to minimise the environmental impact."

What better way to carry on the environmental movement than recycling your own old furniture and re-upholstering or re-covering in a stunning Blendworth fabric?!  Plumbs offer the following Blendworth designs in a number of colourways..

Damask designs are perfect for injecting elegance into any home, and Blendworth's beautiful contrast of rose and gold really adds to the drama of this Delphina Damask fabric.

A fresh and unobtrusive floral design, Sorrento Summer shown here in Vanilla, can brighten a dreary, old sofa and bring freshness to your living room.

Designed to complement Sorrento Summer, Sorrento Stripe shown here in Soft Aubergine, is great for adding a contemporary twist to your home.

A popular fabric, Delphina with it's classic floral design is a more traditional option for giving your furniture a new look.

Which Blendworth fabric is your favourite? We'd love to know!


Making a House a Home

Published by Emma Day in
We've all heard the saying, 'it's the small things that count,' and this is particularly true of home decor.  Of course a complementary colour scheme and architectural features are important in creating wow factors in the home, but what about the minor details?  This post focuses on some of the smaller ways you can make a house a home:

How do you like to accessorise your home?


Scarlet Fever!

Published by Emma Day in
With patriotism at an all time high and the temprature beginning to hot up, today's topic for inspiration is the colour currently plastered on the nation's homes and high street windows: red.  This vibrant hue is often considered a daring choice for interior design, but the bold and brave often result in striking, unique homes so it's certainly worth a thought!

Red is a great colour for using with geometric shapes for a retro look.  Try combining with grey and white for a family room that's not too feminine and not too masculine.

Be inspired in your study with a bright pop of red.  Create a vintage feel with gold and black antique props.  We love this traditional typewriter: a great mix of old meets new!

The colour of love, red is perfect for creating a romantic, cosy feeling in your bedroom.  Break it up with crisp white linen and furniture.  This white decal is a great way of breaking up the solid block of colour on the walls.

A truly luxurious colour for any bathroom, red is perfect for bringing vibrancy to a bright bathroom or creating a moody feel in smaller, darker bathrooms.

Red is becoming an increasingly popular choice in kitchens, and it's not hard to see why.  Adopting a red and wood scheme you can create a cosy country style kitchen, or choose gloss red and black for a retro 50's diner!

Where would you use red in your home?  We'd love to hear your thoughts!


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