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Silver Isn't Always Second Best...

Published by Emma Day in
With gold on the nation's mind this summer, spare a thought for the wonderful possibilties of silver.  We say silver doesn't have to mean second best!

Used effectively in the home, this verstile colour oozes luxury and sophistication; and with metallics featuring heavily in interior design this year, you'll be right on trend!

For a truely luxurious look, emphasise the silvery shine with an elaborate silver framed mirror.  Introducing a sparse pop of colour can also be effective and help to add interest to your room.

The Race is on to Claim a Piece of the Olympic Village

Published by Emma Day in
Most of us will remember the 2012 Olympics with  specially made memorabilia, mascots and (fingers crossed) memories of joy and gold medal success.  But did you know that you could also have a slice of the Olympic village in your very own home?!

The Olympic Village furniture has gone on sale to the public, with everything from wall clocks to althetes beds being up for grabs.  A dedicated website has been setup to help shift the furniture, which is hoped to be sold out by the end of October:

There will be something for every budget, with prices ranging from 50p coat hangers (packs of 10) to £2500  guest pass and ticketing centre reception furniture!  So how about it... will you be claiming your piece of sporting history this summer?


Co-ordinated looks from Prestigious Textiles

Published by Emma Day in
The fourth edition of our featured Fabric Supplier series sees beautiful, co-ordinated designs from British company, Prestigious Textiles.   Founded in 1988 and based in West Yorkshire, the company now supply their exciting designs worldwide where their fine reputation continues to grow.

Their range includes a delectable mix of florals, stripes, damasks and semi-plain fabrics specifically produced to work in harmony creating beautiful statements in the home.  We think the PT range is ideal for creating an eye-catching window display.  The co-ordinating designs lends themselves perfectly to a curtains, blinds and cushions for that extra finishing touch!  Take a look at some of our favourite Prestigious Textiles combinations...

An elegant design in a sophisticated palette.  Octavia and Oracle are available in 4 neutral colourways, each creating a beautiful opulent look. This combination would look stunning in the bedroom.

A fresh, modern take on the traditional floral, Rosella is a delicate pretty design which can be complemented beautifully by the striking stripes of Rosella Stripe.  Both fabrics are available from Plumbs in 4 on-trend colourways including Duck Egg and Lavender.

Another bold statement as floral meets stripe.  Emilia is a striking fabric that draws the eye, perfect for floor to ceiling curtains!  Twinned with Fiore Mini Stripe in matching colourway really brings out the pops of purple in this design.  A winning combination.

It can be fun to play around with co-ordinating fabrics, so take your time and mix and match fabrics to create  a look that's perfect for you.  You could even request a free visit from a local Plumbs consultant and try out many different fabric combinations in your home?


Top 5 Patio Designs

Published by Emma Day in
We can but dream that the weather will pick up and the sun will come out.  And when it does, we all want to be ready for it!  Take 5 minutes to be inspired this afternoon with our pick of top Patio designs.  Which is your favourite...?

Inject some fun into your garden with a colourful hideaway!  Combine bright colours with fun fabric designs for an exotic twist to your patio.  We love the vibrant shades of pink and orange here!

Give yourself a place to relax and unwind with this calming bohemian look.  Earthy colours like browns and greens are great here, and for an extra splash of colour try a vibrant shade of turquoise.

If you prefer a less is more approach then this stunning minimalist look is the one for you!  Use neutral, white furniture and simple foliage for this down to earth look.

Want to watch the stars from your patio?  Opt for fun, modern outdoor lighting so you can while away the warm summer evenings in your modern patio setting.  We love the sleek grey and red colour combination!

You shouldn't have to miss out if your patio is small, so make the best of the space you have!  Use outdoor shelving and walls to add pots and flowers and opt for bistro style furniture for a cosy, al fresco feel!


Bring the Beach Home this Summer...

Published by Emma Day in
With the weather forecast looking bleak for most of the UK again this week, it doesn't look hopeful for a trip to the seaside.  But why should that stop us?!  With the beach hut look overtaking the high street this season, what better time to bring the seaside into your home!  We love the combination of rustic chic with beach hut buys to give a calming, nostalgic feel to your home.  We think these finds would look stunning in a light and airy hallway....what do you think?

1) Distressed Beach Hut Trinket Boxes -

2) Tide & Time Clock -

3) Hudson Valley Groton Nautical Light Sconce -

4) Reclaimed Wood Heart Wall Shelf - The Orchard Home & Gifts

5) Pale Blue distressed Wood Beach Sign - Debenhams

6) Co-ordinating fabrics Knole & Fiore Mini Stripe for loose covers, curtains, blinds or re-upholstery - Plumbs

7) Wicker Storage Seat - The Orchard Home & Gifts


Occasional Chairs for your Living Room, Bedroom and Bathroom!

Published by Emma Day in
We all like to dress up our homes, to find ornamental bits and bobs that will add a touch of personality and character to a room.  You may have a captivating canvas or a pretty flower pot positioned in just the right spot.  But have you ever considered the benefits of a specially chosen, specifically positioned occasional chair?

A chair has so much more to offer than simply a place to sit and relax.  So let's explore how a chair can add style and functionality to key areas in your home....

Living Room/Bedroom

Chairs are a great place to get away from it all and relax with a good book.  Your ocassional chair doesn't have to match the rest of your living room furnitue.  In fact, a different style or fabric will even set it out amongst the rest.  Try positioning alone beside a window or beneath an interesting lamp for a cosy, reading nook.  This can work well in bedrooms too.


If your hallway is big enough, an ocassional chair is a great piece to have.  It can either act as a feature in itself, provide a handy place to sit and pop on your shoes, or an easy place to drop your shopping when you get home!


A chair in the bathroom is ideal for draping your towel or clothes, or adding a bit of character to an otherwise mundane room.  Choose interesting furniture for a real wow-factor!

Be creative with your occasional chairs!  Remember, you can personlise your chairs with re-upholstery or loose covers so you can get the exact look that you want.  Here's a few of our favourties.... Which is yours?


Personalise your home with Co-ordinating Fabrics

Published by Emma Day in
It can often be difficult to pin-point exactly how you want your living space to look.  And with the living rooms of today being a versatile hub of activity, it's hard to know how to best decorate for all occasions.  When the family is together and their is that wonderful bustle of life, you may want your living room to be alive with vibrancy and colour.  On the other hand, on a quiet Sunday afternoon you may want nothing more than to curl up with a good book and feel quietly peaceful surrounded by soft, delicate textiles.

Have you ever considered trying to merge both?  Mixing and matching your living room textiles and colours could give you the best of both worlds.  A little bit of everything you love could go wonderfully together to create a personlised look in your home.  Plus, different fabrics will add texture and depth to your room.

When choosing fabrics, remember to try to use complementing colours and designs.   We've teamed our beautiful Belinda - Raspberry with the delicate floral design of Chrysanthemum.  The rich, raspberry colour picks out the pink hues of the flowers, bringing them to life.


Creating a Softer Bathroom

Published by Emma Day in

Today Guest Blogger Steph from Bathshop321 shows us how we can use fabrics to bring colour and personality into our bathrooms.

The household bathroom is one of those ‘vital’ rooms in our homes . It provides us with a place to relax, unwind and spend a little ‘me time’ washing away the stress of a long day. Whilst the regular bathroom will consist of a toilet, sink and shower/bath you can spruce up your bathroom so much more with a hint of fabric here and there, to not only personalise but soften the appearance of what can often be a rather generically decorated room.

Choosing the Right Colours

As with any decoration, it is always best to consider your colour scheme and theme before committing to buying a new coloured or patterned fabric. No matter where you are looking to apply the material or accessory, be sure to complement the existing bathroom features rather than overpower them.  These duck egg fabrics work beautifuly with the crisp white suite and various blue accessories to create a tranquil, seaside environment.

Bathroom Curtains and Blinds

Bathroom curtains and blinds are the obvious choice, yet so many people opt for the first set of plain white curtains or Venetian blinds they can find. A great way to add a little extra energy to your bathroom is to source a vibrant or sleek colour and design that contrasts nicely with the current style of the room. Tones such as maroon or brown can have a great effect on a bathroom with a warming, cosy tone, whereas a fresh, green works well with lighter, refreshing bathrooms with a neutral palette.

Occassional Bathroom Chairs

Occasional chairs can be a great addition to your bathroom, and if you have the room can add a little luxury. Whether you use them just to make a statement or you actually find them convenient for pampering your feet and putting your makeup on, they’re quite a popular accessory! Go for an overstated, traditional chair with an upholstered seat to match your curtains. Vintage and Victorian bathrooms are in right now, so choose an elaborate piece to create a unique focal point.

Steph at Bathshop321 thinks Plumbs have a fantastic range of fabrics for decorating the bathroom.  Which is your favourtie?


Plumbs on Location at Tabley House

Published by Emma Day in
In the quiet countryside of Knutsford sits a stunning building of magnificient beauty, history and grandeur.  Tabley House is over 240 years old, and last month we had the priveledge of using it's ornate rooms and stunning features as the perfect backdrop to some of our re-upholstered furniture.

Once the home of the Leicester family, Tabley House now stands as a proud example of Great British architecture, art and design.  It's many paintings, collected primarily by Sir John Flemming in the 19th Century, adorn its lavishly decorated rooms.  We chose a couple of the most inspiring public rooms in the house to showcase our own traditional British work.

The Common Parlour

This beautiful, bright room was the perfect setting for our quintessentially English floral fabric Delphina.  To recreate this look in your own home, choose a fresh palette such as duck egg and white, offset with a rich dark wood floor.  Make use of large windows with shutters or blinds to let in as much natural light as possible.

The Old Entrance Hall

A magnificent display of Great British craftsmanship can be found in the Old Entrance Hall of Tabley House.  Originally the main entrance to the house, the blank canvas of this room suited the contemporary stripe of our new fabric French Chateau.  The incricately carved chimney reflects the damask design beautifully here.

The Gallery

With it's grand display of paintings and beautifully recreated wallpaper, The Gallery at Tabley House really brought our simple Fairmont Diamond fabric to life.  Remember, if you have lots going on in your room let your furniture stand out with a more subtle, plain fabric.

The Dining Room

The luxurious red and black colour scheme of the Dining Room at Tabley House worked beautifully with our French Chateau in Grey/Burgundy.  We were able to create a sumptous blend of ornate and regal, with modern and contemporary.  Mixing old and new decor and design techniques is a great way to add character to your home.

To see how these fabrics could look in your home, request a free, no-obligation visit today!


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