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At Plumbs we’re always interested to see the work of talented amateur reupholsterers –and now we’d like to showcase some of your best work in a competition.

To enter simply create a new Pinterest board and name it #PlumbsBeforeAndAfter - upload at least two images, a before and after shot of your chosen piece, and more if you have them.

It can be an old chair you’ve decided needs a new lease of life or a sofa you’ve saved from the scrapheap.

Here's our example Pinterest board..

Just tweet us a link to your board @Plumbs on Twitter or add it to the comments section below. We’ll gather in all the entries, and Steve our Master Craftsman will judge them, selecting an overall winner.

An upholsterer for over 33 years, Steve is highly skilled with a huge passion for his work. He comes from a long line of reupholsterers, both his father and grandfather worked in the reupholstery industry. If you’d like to get the seal of approval from Steve, take 5 minutes and enter our competition today!


What’s in it for you?

Good question! The winning entry will receive their choice of 4 throw cushions in any fabric from the Plumbs range (exludes Plumbs Prestige Fabrics), ideally for them to use with their freshly reupholstered chair or sofa. They’ll also feature in a follow up article on our site showcasing the winning piece of furniture and the winning reupholsterer! 

This Competition has now closed and we will be announcing a winner shortly.



Fancy relaxing on a Breeze Block Sofa?

Published by Joanna Whitworth in furniture, sofa

Just when you thought we’d seen everything possible in furniture design.  Artist Sarah Lucas has created a breeze block sofa to rival all minimalist design.  Although the three and two piece appear quite simple and sophisticated we can’t help wondering just how comfortable they would be!

The sofas have even been co-ordinated with a matching wall and table.

I think we’ll stick to good old soft fabrics and comfy foam and leave breeze blocks on the buildings sites!



No Place Like Home

Nordic and Scandinavian Design has been a staple trend for years, and thanks to large furniture outlets such as Ikea, we can guarantee this trend is set to stay.  Think pale beech wood, neutral walls, and crisp clean lines mixed with modern accessories.  This look is all about effortless style, practical furniture and a minimal amount of fuss. 


A bright and airy room is the perfect place for this trend.  Natural light streams across the glossy white furniture and flooring, and the light fittings hang perfectly over the main entertaining areas.  The splashes of pattern in different colours and styles give the look a slight thrown together appearance.


Low furniture is typical of this trend usually in neutral colours and wooden frames.  The large bookshelf stops this look becoming too bare and clinical, as well less serious aspects such as the oversized Basketball seat.


This take on the Scandinavian trend is slightly more liveable, due to the soft furnishings and curtains.  A citrus accent colour has also been used to liven up the colour scheme.


The bedroom is a great place to incorporate this trend, as we usually crave calming colours and minimal fuss when we unwind.  We love the white washed walls and unfinished style of this room.

You don’t need to spend a fortune to achieve this look as less is often more when accessorising the Scandinavian trend.  A few well thought out, higher quality pieces of furniture will stand out more against cool neutral walls.  You could even transform the furniture you already own with loose covers or reupholstery in simple quality fabrics.


Beautiful Botanicals

Like all areas of design, trends eventually come back around and the Botanicals trend has come back bigger and stronger than ever.  Pretty flowers and plants, incorporated with butterflies and birds are set to take over our walls and accessories this spring and summer, to give a welcome break from masculine looks that have dominated interior design over the winter months. 

There is a variety of ways to achieve this look, such as wallpaper, art, plants, and accessories so this look is perfect for everyone. 

Plants & Flowers


This look is a restrained and subtle take on the trend, using only a few green plants and moss green bottles and vases.  The distressed mini step ladder makes an interesting side table and matches the flaking walls perfectly.  These aspects have been contrasted beautifully with a simple Aubergine coloured chair and pretty scatter cushions.



The mix of pretty botanical wallpaper and industrial edged furniture adds a modern twist and stops this style looking too chintzy.



The days of flying ducks on walls may have gone but birds are defiantly still around to stay.  You’ll find them on walls, curtains, and scatters in bold summer hues and patterns.



Butterflies have been around in interior design for some time now, with many designers using motifs in prints and wallpaper, even well-known artists such as Damien Hurst have been known to use these pretty insects in their work. The strong turquoise and bold blue colours of these butterflies would work well on muted walls, or you could try a bright wallpaper to create a striking feature wall.



This bold take on the botanicals trend is much more retro.  The measuring beaker used as a vase takes the trend a step further whilst adding a light-hearted twist to the overall look.  These bold clashing colours and patterns may not be for everyone but they certainly make a statement.



A full on yet sophisticated take on the trend using shades of green and dark woods.



This look has taken the bold yellows, reds and greens, typical of the botanical trend but contrasted them with lots of deep purples and mauves.  Although quite dark, this look still has that distinct tropical look of the botanicals trend.

Whether you’re looking to create a look that’s retro inspired or pretty and floral, the botanicals trend can work perfectly for you, why not start by adding a few scatters or bold artwork to refresh your home

If you would like give your furniture an update with reupholstery or loose covers, in designs including like this trend, contact Plumbs today for a FREE no obligation quotation.



Happy Easter!

Published by Joanna Whitworth in

We would like to wish all of our customers, employees and blog readers a very Happy Easter! See you all after the long bank holiday weekend. Enjoy!


Gary Heyworth Runs London Marathon

Published by Joanna Whitworth in

We would like to wish good luck to Gary Heyworth, one of Plumbs employees who is running the London Marathon this weekend to raise money for St Catherine’s Hospice Care.  If you would like to make a donation please follow this link below.



The Benefits of Choosing a Loose Cover Instead Of a New Sofa

Published by Joanna Whitworth in loose covers

With all of the use that a family sofa gets on a daily basis, it’s no wonder that they eventually begin to show a few signs of wear and tear.

If your family sofa is starting to look a little on the worn side, you may well be considering buying a brand new piece, but have you thought about simply covering your existing upholstery with a loose sofa cover instead? If not, here are just a few reasons why a loose cover may be a much better solution than splashing the cash on brand new furniture.


When it comes to interior design, the old saying ‘a change is as good as a rest’ is very true. Giving your living room, bedroom, kitchen or bathroom a facelift can make a huge difference to how your home looks and feels and transform it into the des res you’ve always dreamed of.

In the living room, the easiest way to change the look of the space is to change the sofa. With a loose sofa cover you can easily alter the colour or pattern of your upholstery, transforming how your living room looks in moments.


Environmentally friendly

Using a loose cover to transform your sofa instead of buying a brand new one is also good for the environment. It helps to prevent landfill and negates the need for a new piece of furniture to be manufactured.

Perfect for the eco-conscious consumer, loose covers can also extend the life of your current sofa by protecting the sofa’s surface and making general upkeep far easier.


Easy to clean

If you’ve got pets or young children, you’ll probably know just how quickly a sofa can become dirty. Thankfully, loose covers make cleaning your sofa easier than ever.

Simply pop them in the washing machine or take them down to your local dry cleaners and keep your sofa looking good as new, month after month. This also works for any damage made to your sofa; should the loose cover become burnt, stained or torn, you can easily replace it with a new cover.


Choosing loose covers

So, next time your family settee is in need of a little TLC, why not look for loose covers to give it the love and attention it deserves? You won’t regret it!


Go Graphic with Geometrics

Geometric patterns are one of the most versatile and biggest trends this year.  You can create a range of different looks from modern to retro, depending on the scale of the pattern and the colours used within your look.  We thought we’d take a look at some of the best patterns out there and how to co-ordinate them into your home.


Two of our newest fabrics, these beautiful geometric prints, by Linwood have given this trend a distinctively retro feel.  These fabrics work especially well on 60’s and 70’s inspired furniture, but can also be contrasted with a few interesting modern accessories to keep this look up-to- date.

This cool grey wallpaper is a modern take on the geometrics trend. The angular pattern works well when contrasted with natural woods, and contemporary chrome accessories.


The soft earthy browns and teal greens of these prints gives the geometric pattern an Indian influence.  This timeless fabric would look great teamed with metallic accessories and splashes of reds and oranges to really carry the Indian theme through.


The busy and colourful geometric print of this bed spread contrasts beautifully with the cold, white brick walls.  The miss match of prints on the scatter cushions adds a slight Aztec feel to this look, and the bold reds, yellows, and oranges also makes this fabric perfect for Spring/Summer.


This chair has been reupholstered in a handmade vintage fabric in a geometric print in vivid colours.  This bold one of a kind chair would make a great statement piece in a neutral and contemporary room.


If bold prints aren’t your thing, then how about a geometric piece of furniture or an angulated accessory?  This stunning mirror would work in most decors and will bounce light around a room beautifully.

This trend is something everyone can work with in their home, whether you want to cover a whole wall in a strong and colourful pattern, or use a few scatter cushions to brighten up a piece of tired furniture.

If you would help incorporating prints into your home, through reupholstery or loose covers contact Plumbs today for a FREE no obligation quotation from one of our expert Home Consultants.


Our Time At The Ideal Home Show

Over the last 2 weeks we joined thousands of visitors and many exhibitors at the Ideal Home Show at Earls Court, London. 

Take a look at some of our highlights from the show…


We arrive at the show excited and begin to get the many pieces of furniture ready to go onto the stand.


The finished stand, ready for the busy two weeks ahead…


One of our newest fabrics by Linwood, which has been reupholstered onto this retro chair, gets the interest of many passers-by.


The stall gets gradually busier as the days go on, we talk to many people who want to transform their furniture and give it a new lease of life.


We even have a celebrity pop in; Laurence Llewelyn Bowen takes a rest on our Mini Sofa!


Next, some lovely ladies from Cancer Research UK stop by, Peter Andre cut out in toe!


Whilst walking round the Ideal Home Show another inventive car creation caught our eye.  We just loved the red colour of this Smeg500 fridge!

If you visited us at Earl’s Court, no doubt you’ll have met Emma Page, who organised our time at the show: “The Ideal Home Show was an amazing experience; it was fantastic to meet so many of our customers who had such good things to say about Plumbs and our stand! People were very complimentary of how we have evolved as a business and the fabulous choice of fabrics we have. A great show and I am looking forward to getting back out on the road again for the next one.”

We had a fantastic time at the Ideal Home Show London, and we can’t wait to visit our next show at The Malvern Spring Gardening Show 8th-11th May, but you can always come at visit us before at show rooms in Preston and Dover, or visit our stand at Dobbies Preston 7th April – 6th July.  To see a full list of our upcoming events this year follow this link.  We hope to see you soon!


Our Guide to Room Design Ideas: From Minimal to Vintage Glamour

If you’re planning to revamp a room in your house or just want to add another element into an existing room you’ve decorated, use our guide to see what goes well in nine commonly desired styles.

Simply click the style of room you have or would like to have and we’ll tell you more.

We’ve also broken down the advice into tweetable chunks so you can share your new-found knowledge with a click!


Nautical Industrial Minimal Gothic Rustic 70s Retro Shabby Chic Moroccan Vintage Glamour


The nautical look is particularly popular in bathrooms and light and airy spaces, such as conservatories. To set off your nautical look, concentrate on cotton, canvas and linen in striped patterns, to achieve that boat house look. An anchor motif or two can also set off this look, just be careful not to overdo it.

For nautical-themed rooms, stick to blues and whites. Striped patterns can be particularly effective via @Plumbs

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This industrial look relies heavily on industrial materials, so exposed brick and metal structures are a great foundation. To exaggerate and compliment this, furniture upholstered in leather or even suede, can be particularly effective. Rich colours tend to work best here, but try to steer clear of anything too bright, as this can upset the overall effect.

If your room takes on an industrial look, rich coloured leather or suede can really complement the style via @Plumbs

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The minimal look is particularly popular in areas such as the kitchen, in which people want to keep lines clean and surfaces clutter-free. The most effective use of colour and fabrics in a room like this is to keep it simple. Monochrome colour schemes work particularly well in minimal room designs. In terms of fabrics, echo the clean lines with geometric patterns that complement the style.

Choosing the minimal look means keeping it simple – clean lines and monochrome colour schemes work well via @Plumbs

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The gothic, or medieval look, is a dramatic and powerful one, and this should be reflected in your choice of fabrics and accessories. Stick to rich colours and luxurious fabrics, such as silks and velvets. Damask and striped patterns tend to look most at home in a gothic room. Add gold accenting for a particularly regal look.

Rich colours and luxury fabrics, such as silks and velvets, are a great way to add drama to a gothic room via @Plumbs

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Rooms that adopt a rustic look can be particularly inviting when done correctly. Natural fabrics and muted tones come together to create a harmonious look. Add a faux fur throw or rug for extra comfort underfoot. Knitted cushions or tartan fabrics, in stony colours, contrasted against rustic wooden furniture works perfectly to create a warm and cosy den in which to relax.

Rustic room designs welcome the use of traditional fabrics - wools and tartans can really add warmth via @Plumbs

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70s retro

70s retro was all about bright colours and funky patterns, so you can really have some fun when decorating a room like this. Burnt oranges, yellows and browns are classic colour choices, but don’t be afraid to mix things up; purples and greens can make an effective contrast. When it comes to patterns, anything goes – from floral to leopard print. Just make sure you pick one and stick to it because too many pattern choices is sure to give you a headache!

If your room adopts a 70s theme, experiment with floral and leopard print – just don’t try and do it all! via @Plumbs

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Shabby Chic

It’s extremely effective when done right, but the shabby chic look can be incredibly easy to achieve. Pair white-washed woods with pastel coloured fabrics for a light and airy feel. The use of toile, floral and even plaid fabrics can really accentuate the look, making the space both quaint and homely. Add a frilly cushion or two to complete.

Toile and floral patterns can make quaint, shabby chic interiors even more pretty and inviting via @Plumbs

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The Moroccan-style room can be beautifully exotic if you can pull it off. Inventive use of lighting and rich colours and textures are key here. Try using deep reds, oranges and greens, in ikat and striped patterns, to echo traditional Moroccan materials. Faux animal hides, used as rugs, or faux fur throws, draped over the arm of a sofa, can make the environment feel all the more authentic.

Deep reds, oranges and greens, in ikat and striped patterns, look great in a Moroccan-style interior via @Plumbs

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Vintage Glamour

Historically, it’s one of our favourite looks when it comes to interior design, and it doesn’t have to be that hard to achieve. Monochrome works brilliantly in a vintage-style room, but throwing in a bright colour or two really sets things off. The use of stripes and quilting can look particularly effective when it comes to upholstery, and an animal print cushion or two won’t go amiss either. Just be careful not to go overboard – too much animal print can look gaudy if you’re not careful.

Vintage glamour is all about luxury - the use of stripes and quilting are a great way to tackle furniture via @Plumbs

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