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Mix and Match – How to Coordinate Your Furniture Coverings

Published by Emma Day in Design Tips

When it’s time to give your home a new lease of life, the fabric of your furnishings can make a massive difference to the overall look and feel of each room. Using the same fabric on each piece of furniture is fine if you want to play it safe, but coordinating different colours and patterns can have a lot more impact. If you’re ready to experiment but not sure where to begin, here are a few tips …


Updating Well-Loved Sofas – The Best Makeovers

When well used furniture starts to look a little worn out, the temptation can be to throw it away and buy brand new.


Timing Your Redecorating Project: When to Get Your Furniture Recovered

Furniture looking a little sad? It’s probably time for a revamp, so here’s what you can do…


6 Stylish Sofa Throws

Published by Emma Day in inspiration, sofa, Style, throw

Most of us could while away entire evenings on the sofa… whether it’s to eat dinner, enjoy a glass of wine, catch up with friends or watch our favourite TV show. So, that being said, our sofas need to be extra comfy! Here are six sofa throws that’ll not only keep you cosy, but add a splash of style to your home, too!


Inspiring Interior Styles for Your Summer Home

Published by Emma Day in inspiration, Style, Summer

Furnishing your summer home is an opportunity for you to get really creative. Whether your summer home is just for the use of you and your family, or you plan to rent it out to paying guests, you want it to be somewhere relaxing, comfortable and unique – a place you’ll never want to leave! So let your imagination run riot in your summer home with our interior inspiration…


10 Things to Do When Closing Up Your Home for the Holidays

Published by Emma Day in Homes, Tips

Whether you’re about to leave your home for a week or two to jet off somewhere or you’re locking up your summer home and heading back to reality, there are a few things to bear in mind to look after its safety and maintenance.


How to make bunting

Published by Emma Day in

Bunting is a great addition to any party or summer event, whether that be a baby shower, wedding or even a BBQ. One of the great things about bunting is it can be easily personalised depending on the event - use it to spell out a message or just showcase your creativity with different fabrics.

Follow the simple steps in this video to create your very own bunting...






What you’ll need

  • Triangular template made from card or paper
  • Fabric (we’ve used a lightweight modern floral design)
  • Pinking shears 
  • Scissors
  • Binding tape
  • Pen/chalk/pencil 

Step By Step

  1. Firstly cut out your triangular shape template from a piece of card/paper.
  2. Use this template to draw out your triangles onto the fabric
  3. Using pinking shears cut out the triangle sides. You can also cut these out using normal scissors and then go over the edges using pinking shears if you find this easier. 
  4. Next lay your first triangle on the binding tape, leaving a enough tape so you can tie the ends once complete. If you prefer you can pin in place.
  5. Once you have your triangle in place, use a straight stich along the top.
  6. Leave a 4 inch gap and repeat with the next triangle.
  7. Keep doing this until you have stitched all triangles in place. 
  8. Cut off any excess tape (again leaving room to tie) and trim any loose threads.

Your bunting should now be ready to hang and enjoy! Let us know if you decide to make this in the comment section below!


How to update your sofa to match your new colour scheme

Published by Emma Day in

If you’ve recently given your walls an update, your sofa may no longer be complimenting the colour scheme as well as it used to. Matching your living room furniture, particularly your sofa and armchairs, with the colour of your walls and ceiling is the key to creating the perfect lounge setting.


Choosing the Right Colour Scheme for Your Room

Published by Emma Day in

Choosing a wallpaper or paint colour can be a little overwhelming – if you’re going to put in that much work, or employ someone to do it for you, you need to make sure it’s right! There are a few things you should consider before settling on a colour scheme for your room, whether it be the lounge, bedroom, or bathroom. Here are our top tips…


How Do I Create a Mood board

Published by Emma Day in

Creating a mood board is an easy, enjoyable and effective way of planning your perfect room before you start out on a decorating project. Here are a few tips to help you get inspired with putting together your mood board…


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