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Can I Wash My Sofa Covers?

Published by Joanna Whitworth in sofa covers

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Tempted to skip the dry cleaners and do the job yourself? Unsure whether you’re able to wash your sofa covers or not? Here’s what you can do if your sofa covers are in need of a little TLC…

Are my sofa covers removable?

Washable fabrics are often used on sofas where the whole loose cover can be taken off. If you can unzip the seat cushions but nothing else, then you have a fixed-covers sofa that technically isn’t machine washable.

Be sure that you either wash them on a low-temperature setting or hand wash them. It’s a good idea to put the covers back on your sofa when they’re still slightly damp too – this way they should be easier to fit.

Check the instructions

Check the cleaning instructions on your furniture piece. Any fabric can be washed so long as it shrinks less than 3%, as a rule of thumb. Washable fabrics will have the bucket symbol on the cleaning instructions label, with either 30 or 40 degrees written in the bucket.

If there are no washing instructions you might have to make a judgement call for yourself on whether the material is colourfast and non-shrinking and wash them at your own risk. If you have Plumbs covers don’t worry, all ours include full washing instructions.

To determine whether your covers are washable or not, you can wet a small hidden area of the fabric and then blot with a paper towel – there should be no colour transfer. To check for any shrinkage, inspect your test patch when it’s dry to see whether it lies totally flat. If it’s bulky, this could indicate that the material may shrink in water.

Washing loose covers

Loose covers are fine to wash, but there are a few things to remember… Don’t overload your washing machine to the point where you’re stuffing your loose covers in on top of everything else – you’ll damage them or your machine.

Never use detergents with brighteners or whiteners in them, because the chemicals in these washing detergents will take the colour out of your covers.

You can check out our Loose Covers Easy Care Guide for full details on how to care for your furniture and keep it looking as good as new for many years to come!

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