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Timing Your Redecorating Project: When to Get Your Furniture Recovered


Furniture looking a little sad? It’s probably time for a revamp, so here’s what you can do…

When should I get my furniture recovered?

If your furniture’s looking tired or outdated, recovering it will give it the new lease of life it needs, bringing a fresh new feel to the entire room. If you’re not sure whether now’s the time to take the plunge, perhaps ask an honest friend – sometimes it’s hard to be objective about the things we see every day! Most soft furnishing coverings will be showing signs of everyday wear and tear after 5-7 years, particularly if they’re used by young children or pets.

Why recover and not buy new?

Recovering furniture couldn’t be easier. You can keep the trusty, comfy sofa you’ve had forever and update it with a brand-new print. It’s less hassle than buying new, where a lot of new furniture isn’t made to as high a standard as old pieces, and saves sending your favourite pieces to landfill.

When you buy new furniture it can be a long old process – after measuring up new pieces and umming and aahing over different styles, you’re waiting around for delivery and stressing about whether the shape will suit the room. With the furniture you already have, you know it fits well, it’s convenient and you’re extending the lifetime of a high-quality piece.

And, of course, if you’ve got a home with period furnishings, buying new may be the last thing you want, as new furniture will simply look ‘wrong’.

How much will it cost to recover my furniture?

The cost really depends on the options you go for. The price of reupholstering your furniture is influenced by style, size, fabric and whether or not your furniture’s antique. If it’s an investment piece like an antique that you know you’ll hang on to, you’re probably less concerned about cost than the quality of the job. Bear in mind that a cheap new sofa might cost less than a recovering a high-quality piece of furniture, because of the craftsmanship involved.

Is recovering my furniture more convenient than buying new?

Reupholstery can take around 8-10 weeks (although your furniture will usually only be away from your home for around 2 weeks). When buying new, you can expect your furniture to arrive within 6-8 weeks, so there’s not much difference between the two. However, reupholstered items tend to be of a much higher quality so it’s worth considering this before you decide when’s a good time to recover your furniture.

I’m redecorating, when should I send the furniture to be recovered?

If you’re planning a big revamp of an entire room, it’s a good idea to assess your furniture before you do anything else. As reupholstering takes several weeks, now’s the time to settle on a new fabric for your furniture and then you can get cracking on the rest of the room whilst you wait for your furniture to get its makeover.

Within the time it takes for your furniture to be recovered, you can paint or wallpaper the walls, lay a new carpet or flooring if needs to be, and have a major purge of things you might’ve hoarded over the years. As you’ll have to clear the room before you start redecorating, you’ve got the added bonus of not having to store the furniture elsewhere in the house if it goes away for reupholstery. Then, when your furniture’s ready, you can simply slot it back where it used to be in its smart new form, sit back, relax and enjoy your newly decorated room.

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