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From Rustic to Futuristic: The Plumbs’ Style Guide

With everyone at Plumbs eagerly awaiting our attendance at the Ideal Home Show (March 14-30), there has been a lot of talk about our favourite interior styles. The event’s Ideal Home Magazine Room Sets are always packed full of inspiration regarding the latest interior trends, with numerous styles represented.

In celebration of the event and to help any of you hoping to recreate the styles that will be showcased this March, we’ve put together this style guide to outline the main features of each distinctive home interior style.


The perfect option for those with conservative tastes, traditional styles gain plenty of appreciation for their classic and timeless charm. Symmetrical arrangements of furniture and rich colours are common and give this look an indulgent and luxurious feel.



Main features:

  • Antique furniture and furnishings
  • Floral prints
  • Rich colours combined with clean neutrals
  • Deep carpets with thick piles
  • Decorated woodwork


The preserve of the eccentric, this style stands in stark contrast to the symmetry of traditional styles, for a more free-flowing look with plenty of character. The secret to this style is that are no strict rules to follow.


Main features:

  • Mismatched furniture
  • Haphazard arrangement of ornaments, photos and artwork
  • Mixture of patterns and colours on fabrics and furnishings
  • Bold, neutral and dark colour palettes used together
  • Use of glass and wood


Working on the principle that all fashion trends revolve in a circle and repeat themselves, rustic styles are most commonly associated with country cottages and older properties. Exposed wooden surfaces, free from varnish and paint, as well as uneven cuts that give a more ‘rough and ready’ look, are both common.


Main features:

  • Solid wood furniture
  • Dark colour palettes mixed with deep neutrals
  • Large furniture with luxurious, patterned furnishings
  • Natural decorations (fresh flowers, fruit bowls)
  • Uneven cuts and plain finishes

Shabby Chic

This style combines modern elements with traditional patterns for something dainty, quirky and altogether beautiful. Think glass tables with floral furnishings and plenty of natural elements. 


Main features:

  • Pastel shades and light colour palettes
  • Floral prints
  • Heavy use of fabric and natural wood as well as glass
  • Strong nature trend
  • Tasselled, embroidered and pleated fabric


A modern look that embraces the artistic elements of manufacturing, this is not a style for the faint-hearted. Dark colour palettes combine with a bold use of metal and distressed wood to create something urban, dark and mysterious.


Main features:

  • Weathered and distressed wooden furniture
  • Dark colour palettes with a heavy focus on black and grey
  • Common use of metal furniture and ornaments
  • Traditional hard flooring
  • Few, sparse natural elements

So what style is best-suited to you?  Whatever your preferred style for your home, this guide should help you to achieve your desired look. To find out more about Plumbs’ attendance at the Ideal Home Show, see our events page for more details.


Come and See Plumbs for yourself

Plumbs will be exhibiting at the following events. Why not come and visit us.

These are the first 3 exhibitions we are doing:

    • Sat 15 - Sun 16 March
        • The Ultimate Lifestyle Show
        • Venue - Cymru, The Promenade, Llandudno, L130 1BB, Tel:01492 872000
    • Sat 3 - Mon 5 May.(Bank Holiday weekend)
        • The Design Weekend Home and Garden Exhibition 10th Anniversary
        • Venue - Tatton Park, Cheshire, Exhibiting in the Home and Garden Room Stand HG31
    • Wed 11 - Sun 15 June
        • BBC Summer Festival (formerly BBC Good Homes Show)
        • Venue - NEC Arena, Birmingham,Exhibiting in Hall 6 Fifth Room Stand H4



Get your tickets now for the Ideal Home Show

This year is going to be something special as the Ideal Home Show celebrates its 100 years of Innovation and Inspirational ideas for the home and garden. Here are just some of the things you'll see:

Kitchen Ideas - For the heart of the home, there will be a stunning range of inspirational ideas to feast your eyes upon. From traditional timbered kitchen furniture to cutting edge stainless steel cutlery, an enviable smorgasbord of kitchen and culinary delights. There is even a "Chef’s Kitchen Theatre" featuring cooking demonstrations from celebrity cooks.

Interior Ideas - Let your imagination run riot with the dazzling displays of interior designs and home furnishings. You will everything from the fun, the functional, the innovative and the opulent. Don’t forget to visit the home even the Joneses can’t keep up with – the ultimate Dream Home and Guest House.

Bathroom Ideas - Indulge yourself with the wonderful eclectic collection of bathroom and sanitary ware products. Then see how the other half bathes with celebrity bathrooms attraction developed in association with Madam Tussuad’s.

Garden Ideas - For the great outdoor living, a great selection of innovative and inspirational solutions. From furniture to patios, gadgets to gazebos, everything you need in the garden to make it look rosy.

Home Improvement - Love your home and add value, too, with thousands of inspiring ideas to DIY for. From loft conversions to ideas for reducing your carbon footprint, don’t jut look to improve, look to impress. Don’t miss out on the two show houses either, which take a sneaky glimpse into low-carbon high design future.

You can sign up to the newsletter here to keep up to date with the latest exciting developments from the show. Or book your tickets here...


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