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How to Add Years to Your Furniture

Worried about your antiques losing value? Wondering what you can do to ensure they keep their quality?


How to Childproof Your Living Room

Having small children or babies in your family can completely change the way you style your home. And since your living room is a place where the entire family spends many a day together, you’ll probably find that this is an especially important room to childproof.


What’s the Best Way to Clean My Sofa?

Sofas can get messy really easily – luckily cleaning your sofa is relatively straightforward. All you need is the correct tools and the right method!


How Can I Protect My Sofa?

You’ve most likely invested a significant amount of money in your home’s furniture, so looking after it and making sure it doesn’t run to ruin is important.


Does your pet decide which sofa you should buy?

According to a new study by Petplan on of the UK's leading pet insurance companies, found a large percentage of dog and cat owners based their purchasing decisions on the suitability for their pets. The obvious one is holidays where 68% of dog owners and 47% of cat owners said that this was the most important area in which to take their pet into consideration, however many also include home furnishings such as sofas.

Pet hair can be real pain when is comes to your soft furnishings but as we explained in this recent post Threats to your Sofa, there are ways to protect your sofa from your pets hair, claws and any other dirty or smelly messes we all know pets can make.


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