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Updating Well-Loved Sofas – The Best Makeovers

When well used furniture starts to look a little worn out, the temptation can be to throw it away and buy brand new.

But, when it comes to antiques, underneath the shabby material is a perfectly great sofa, handcrafted to stand the test of time. This is where reupholstery comes into its own, transforming your most loved pieces into beautiful furniture again, as good as new!

Here are a few of our favourite Plumbs projects – Take a look at them before and after to see how reupholstery can give you a brand new sofa without losing the sofa you love.

  1. Transforming old and shabby into fresh and chic!

 Plumbs sofa before.jpg




Plumbs sofa after.jpg

  1. Why throw a beautiful quality sofa away when you can recondition it to look like this!?

Plumbs 3a.jpg

Plumbs 3b.jpg

  1. Beyond hope? A new set of springs, cushions and a vibrant new fabric has made this sofa unrecognisable!

Plumbs 4a.jpg Plumbs 4b.jpg

  1. If you have a sofa with timeless style, repairing and repainting the woodwork and adding a real bold colour can totally transform the look and feel of it without losing those fantastic lines.

Plumbs 5a.jpg

Plumbs 5b.jpg

  1. This much-loved leather sofa retained its shape but was given a fantastic pop of colour when its owners chose to reupholster it in fabric.

Plumbs 6a.jpg

Plumbs 6b.jpg

This is our pick of the work we’ve done to upcycle furniture for customers. You’ll find more examples here. Recovering, repairing and repainting really can be très chic!

Revamping your sofa is a great thing to do if you are redecorating your home. Download our decorating planner and checklist to get started!

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