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What are the Latest Furnishing Fabric Trends?

Every new season comes with new interior design trends and must-have pieces we can’t wait to get hold of. But which trends are here to stay and which will fade quicker than a bright green curtain facing the sun?


This year it’s all about the pop of colour! Rich jewel tones have been appearing slowly but surely over the past few months. These tones go hand in hand with soft pastels – try a couch in a shade of pastel purple with vibrant green cushions, or a ruby red duvet cover with a soft pink runner.

Terracotta, sand, cinnamon, rust, powdery pink: all of these earthy colours are set to be big in the upcoming months. These shades are a great way to introduce subtle hints of colour into a more muted, minimalist scheme.

Think of navy as the new black, it gives a modern twist with a traditional feel. This shade also pairs well with pretty much every colour scheme and doesn’t make a space feel small as black can.


Although hi-gloss and shiny metallic materials have had their time in the spotlight this year, the future is welcoming deconstructed luxe. Think of exposed brickwork and cement mixed with raw materials such as cork, wood and clay. We’re talking a brick wall with wooden furnishings, the perfect example of Brooklyn chic.


We’re really moving towards a stage of awakening our senses. In an age where digital is taking over, we want to fill our homes with materials that reward all our senses – soft silk, fluffy cushions and velvet are all set to be huge next year. Keep an eye out for texture: as many of us spend most of our time looking at flat screens at work and at home, designers are smartly enticing customers on a textural level. Material manipulation, such as pleating and folding when it comes to velvets and cottons, is what you need to look for to be ahead of this trend.

Fabrics and Pattern

Vintage never goes out of style, which explains why raw wood and nostalgic fabrics and finishings keep on coming back. Groovy Seventies vintage, in particular, has been grabbing some attention this year. If a chic take on the Seventies is your style, contradicting patterns, textures and colours are what to aim for – think Orla Kiely for inspiration. Large-scale geometric furniture pieces that boast a glamourous gold shade on a black background are one way to really nail this trend.

 Plumbs sofa 8.jpg

Art deco wasn’t just for the 1920s and 1930s: this style has been given a new boost lately through bold wallpaper and statement lighting. Jungle-inspired patterns such as leopard print and zebra have been cropping up everywhere, taking place of the previously popular tropical flamingos and pineapples.

You’ve seen lots of celebrities sporting faux fur; well, now we can expect to see it in our homes. We’re not just talking faux fur rugs – other economical man-made materials such as faux wood ceiling beams and engineered quartz are catching on, too, making it easier to update your home without breaking the bank.

Have you spotted any upcoming furnishing trends that you can’t wait to bring into your home? Download our decorating planner and checklist to help you begin!

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